The Extreme Endurance Motorcycle Challenge (EEMCOT) is a special circle of community-based and community-oriented personalities in the Philippine motorcycling landscape founded in 2012 who are fundamentally extreme endurance motorcycle maniacs, fanatics, lunatics and enthusiasts. They actively advocate a motorcycling lifestyle and have been well regarded as respected forumers in the Motorcycle Philippines web-based forum - http://www.motorcyclephilippines.com/forums/.

EEMCOT maintains their Facebook presence among the following pages:

The current members of EEMCOT, in alphabetical order, are:

  • BJ Badz
  • BJ is considered as a bad-ass pioneer in the Manila-Matnog-Manila extreme endurance motorcycle challenge. He is known for taking the longest rides into the sky.
  • Davz
  • Davz, the most experienced Eartherner among the members of the group, has got the moves like Jagger and is a disillusioned FPJ look-alike.
  • Holyos
  • Holyos is a multi-time Philippine looper hailing proudly from the Makati Moto Club and an enduring pioneer of the 1 horsepower selfies.
  • Loloy D
  • Loloy D, an enthusiast of extreme endurance motorcycle challenges, has been nobly representing FLAG - or the Federation of Lesbians and Gays Riders Clubs - ever since its inception.
  • Mistah Suave
  • Mistah Suave, a self-proclaimed newbie, is a GM of SSR and has been known to take long walks and make titillating FRs at Mo2rista Magazine.

    EEMCOT members are known to be connected with the following groups and organizations:

    • ATP
    • MRO
    • FLAG
    • RFAC
    • Tour Team Spyder
    • CBR Gents
    • MMC
    • Team MCP
    • IT Riders
    • FRC
    • ABR
    • HSRC
    • HRCP
    • HFRC
    • SSR
    • Team SparX
    • Team LS2
    • Faith Riders
    • MNRC
    • Mo2rista Magazine